26 Experts On How AI Will Change The Way We Do SEO

Things change pretty much on a daily basis in the world of SEO. Since the announcement of Google’s AI machine learning algorithm – RankBrain – in 2015, one of the most discussed topics in SEO galleries is: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? With Google admitting RankBrain being one of […]

4 weeks ago
On page search engine ranking factors - serped.com

On Page Search Engine Ranking Factors For Every Webmaster In 2017

Learning how your audience finds you on the web is the key to your online marketing strategy’s success. Did you know? According to a study by Conductor on 30 sites from different industries, organic traffic accounts for 64% of the total traffic. The share of other sources is – Direct (12%), Paid Search (6%), Referral […]

2 months ago
52 Copy And Paste Blog Post Ideas For Your Agency Blog

52 Copy And Paste Blog Post Ideas For Your Agency Blog

It’s hard, isn’t it? You’re so focused on your clients marketing, making sure that they get what they’re paying for, that, well…your marketing falls to the wayside. It’s just hard to find the time. But, don’t worry, finding time just got a whole lot easier. Blogging is key to your Agencies marketing success – if […]

6 months ago
White hat guide to Indexing your site - Serped

The White Hat Guide To Indexing Your New Site

I can almost guarantee you want more traffic from Google, don’t you? Especially when you have a brand new site and organic search traffic can be hard to come by. You know, those people who happen upon your site through searches. But, it doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, getting Google to pay attention […]

6 months ago

How To Pitch For New Clients (And Actually Get Responses)

You’ve probably read a lot about pitching, right? Hell, just a quick search of How To Pitch For SEO Clients brings up 373,000 different search results. And, it’s been covered by some of the best in the business. You have an almost endless supply of pitching articles. So, why the hell am I writing this […]

10 months ago

5 Sensational Places To Find Your Next Local SEO Clients

You’re missing out on an absolute goldmine.  When you drive to work. When you go to pick up your lunch. When you take the kids to soccer. When you head out on the town for a couple of drinks. You’re not paying attention to thousands of potential leads. What am I talking about? Local SEO Clients of course. […]

1 year ago

What Brian Dean’s 1 Million Search Result Ranking Means For You

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: It’s always exciting to see new research into Google. There’s something about being given an extra level of clarity that’s just, well…addictive. It’s easy to get swept up in this excitement, and addiction, and lose sight of the bigger picture. It’s easy to take this new research as […]

1 year ago