Nothing feels worse than staring at a blank screen.

The blinking cursor almost seems to mock you, doesn't it?

As a fellow blogger, I know how frustrating it feels to try to create inspired blog content when your idea well runs dry.

It's even worse when you've got a client breathing down your neck.

But, I also know the elation, joy and utter relief of filling that well with a flood of prospering, attractive blog post ideas.

Follow these tips to never run out of new, helpful blog post ideas again.

01: Zero in on Pain Points

Pain points breed blogging profits.

Pain points also supply you with an endless flow of good client blog post ideas.

Find reader pain points by asking your friends and followers questions related to their biggest problems on:

● Twitter
● Facebook
● G Plus
● LinkedIn

Simply ask what your readers are struggling with and observe responses.

For example I asked this question on Facebook, which got an intriguing response:

client blog post ideas

That planted the seed for one of my most-read articles of the year:


And, if you don't have the audience to ask, use social media to find the problems people have.

If you need to create content for the Real Estate niche, you can search topics like, House Buying Problems on Twitter and see what people are talking about:

house buying problems twitter niche

There's an unlimited amount of blog post ideas you can create based on these pain points.

02: Meditate Daily

Did he just mention meditation on a marketing blog?


When the blog content idea well runs dry you’re simply suffering from a mental block, aka “writer’s block”.

Meditating for 5 to 20 minutes daily helps you to dissolve blocks and create new ideas.

While you're always looking for tutorials, case studies and marketing-style information to give you ideas, you forget that you already have a tonne of ideas.

They're just locked behind that writer's block, stress and a pressure.

Hands down, meditating every single day for years helped me to write 10,000 words daily – or more – during a 3 month stretch in 2015 when I wrote and self-published a 6,000 word eBook every day.

I churned out 90 eBooks in 3 months because I had no mental blocks to eBook ideas.

Find a quiet spot.

Focus your attention on your breathing.

When your attention wanders note the object of your attention (a thought, feeling, memory or sensation) and move your attention back to your breathing.

Sit for at least 5 minutes in the morning.

Allow in a torrent of prospering blog content ideas.

03: Read Voraciously

Read about your niche.

It's hard to generate client blog post ideas when you're not active in their niche.

It doesn't matter if it's yours personally, or your clients, either.

Reading exposes you to creative ideas, stokes your imaginative juices and dissolves writer’s block swiftly.

Take the time to read PDF's, free eBooks, blog posts, articles, press releases and other content that's available in your niche.

Who knows, it may just be the spark that sets off a flow of content ideas.

04: Become a Comment Lounge Lizard

Hang out on niche specific, authority, well read blogs.

Trawl through the blog comments section.

What do readers share?

What are they struggling with?

What help do they need?

List pain points (similar to tip #1).

Build your blog content on these pain points.

Example: if one commenter on Pro Blogger expresses frustration with establishing a blogging schedule I will write and publish a blog post on Blogging From Paradise about how to set up your blogging schedule.

You can apply this to all blogs in every niche, too.

Fish in a barrel, easy peasy stuff here.

05: Chase the Tail on Google

If you're really struggling for client blog post ideas, think about one of the reasons your clients came to you in the first place – to rank on Google.

Use a tool like SERPed to find all of the long-tail keywords that relate to the topic you need to write about.

If you were to search, German Language, you could see a set of results like this…

client blog post ideas

From here you could create at least five new pieces of content:

  • 100 Meme's Only German Language Learner Would Understand
  • How To Create German Language Memes
  • What Is The Best German Language Translator You Can Use?
  • Google vs vs Microsoft Translate – Which Is The Best Translator For You?
  • How The German Language Alphabets Compare To Others Around The World

Build blog post ideas based on these long tail keywords and you'll have content that's Google Friendly and doesn't require any extra effort to think of.

6: Spot Niche Trends

Identify trends in your niche by following trusted blogs relevant to your blog topic.

Observe frequently covered, recent topics.

Publish blog content related to these ideas.

Do not copy titles or plagiarize any portion of these blog posts.

Use these topics as a starting point.

Put your spin on these ideas by covering the topic with your own writing voice.

Looking for content ideas for your blog?Here are 52 ideas you can use to create fresh content.

7: Write 1000 to 2000 Words Daily

Many famous bloggers have written about how having a writing habit has helped them skyrocket to success.

So, form a writing habit.

Open a Word document.

Write 1,000 to 2,000 words related to your niche daily.

Don’t publish these words to your blog every day.

View some of these sessions as “writing practice.”

Flex your mental muscle by never missing a day of writing practice.

You’ll work through writer’s block eventually, your idea well will never run dry and all the bloggers who rarely practice writing will wonder how you pulled a rabbit out of the hat.

8: Dovetail on Old Blog Posts

I often dovetail blog content ideas on old blog posts. What do I mean?

One month I may cover a topic like “How to Market Your Blog the Right Way” and a few weeks or months later I may publish a post titled “How to Market Your Blog Effectively on Facebook.”

This is how you dovetail.

Take the seed of an idea from your older blogs posts – or once you've written for other clients – and turn it into a new post.

Each blog post contains an unlimited amount of idea seeds for you to pluck and grow into new blog post ideas.

Try taking a section, or paragraph, from one of your older blog posts and turn it into a standalone piece.

You've already done most of the legwork!

9: Take Short, Frequent Breaks from Your Writing

Writer’s block is a tension-filled energy.

Taking a 5 to 10 minute break from your writing every 50 minutes dissolves this tension.

Take short, frequent breaks from writing your next blog post to ease mental tension and to create eye-popping, attractive content.

Fill your idea well.

Take a break.

Do you follow these tips?

What tips can you add to this list?

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