Wish you had more reviews and better ratings? Wish people left more comments? Look no further… In this article, we show you how you can exchange social actions with other SERPed members using our Social Exchanger tool.

This tool brings all SERPed members together and allows them to help each other by exchanging social actions, including but not limited to:

– Reviews & Ratings: product reviews, local business reviews…
– Comments: YouTube comments, Facebook comments…
– Questions: Quora questions…
– Connect: like a Facebook page, follow a Twitter or Instagram account…
– Simple Actions: share/like a Facebook post, tweet/retweet a message, like an Instagram image…
– Others: anything that does not fit into the categories above

What is Social Exchanger?

The idea behind Social Exchanger is to team up with other SERPed members to help you achieve your goals faster. In short, you perform tasks other SERPed members created, so you earn points and can then create your own tasks that other SERPed members will perform for you. This is pretty much a de-regulated marketplace. It is only limited by your imagination.

The Idea Behind Social Exchanger

There are many things you can do with Social Exchanger. You can use this system to achieve amazing results if you use it to its full potential. Think about it as an on-tap ‘crowd actions' where a team of people form an unstoppable wave.

Since we put the tool live, I created a task asking for a Facebook like (*cough cough*, like our Facebook page) and comment. In exchange, I gave one point. I asked for 25 people to do this. The task (25 likes and comments) was completed within 24 hours!

The key to this is rewarding fairly. No one is forced to do the tasks you create. This means the easier it is to execute the task, and the more points provided (so the harder it is, the more points you should offer), the more likely members will take on and complete your task.

Creating a Task

Creating a task in Social Exchanger is super easy. All you need to do is to fill out a short form. Make sure you write clear instructions so the people who take your task know exactly what to do.

Create a Task

You can also load previously created tasks, so if you want to re-open a task you already created in the past, you don't have to enter all the information again.

There is also an option that allows you to specify a keyword and a search engine, so the people who take your task can search for your page on Google (thus generating organic traffic). When users copy and paste your link, that is direct traffic. By getting to your page through a search engine, you can ensure those members don't leave any footprints.

Your task will then appear in the list of tasks available to take.

Task List


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Performing a Task

If you want to take on a task someone else created, simply click on the ‘View Task' button. Read the instructions and click the ‘Assign Task' button.

View Task

Social Exchanger Assign Task

As mentioned before, performing tasks for other SERPed members will earn you points that you can then use to create your own tasks.

Please note that you don't have to perform the tasks yourself. You can assign this job to another staff member or your Virtual Assistant. To create a sub-account for this person, go to your ‘Profile' page. Then go to the ‘Team' tab and click the ‘Add New Team Account' button. This is where you can create a sub-account and choose what tools this person should have access to.

Social Exchanger – Demo Video

Watch this video to see Social Exchanger in action:


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