Do you wish you could just give your client a ‘secret' url just for them that updates each ranking update, and gives them pretty graphs and charts with YOUR BRANDING on them? That's exactly what you can do with our ‘Rank Tracking' tools. This new option will help you save hours of boring work and followups every week, and make your clients very happy, especially the ones who keep asking you for updates… 😉

All you need to do is to:

1) Open one of our ‘Rank Tracking' tools (‘Cities', ‘Countries' or ‘Quick Check')

2) Select the keywords you want to show in the report, click the ‘Generate Public Report URL' button

Ranking Reports - Keyword Selection

Ranking Reports - Form3) Fill out a short form: to add your branding (optional), choose the period of time, select search engines, choose a graph style and…

That's it!

The system will then generate a Web-based ranking report that you can keep for yourself, or share with your clients or prospects with the push of a button. You can email it to them, or print it and give it to them in person… You can also turn it into a PDF by using a converter like CutePDF.

What It can be used for:

Generating a ranking report will now take you less than a minute. If you have a few clients, this could save you hours of work every month. It is not designed to replace your monthly update PDF and meeting, but it is there to ‘tide' the client over and let them see their rankings ‘in real time' during the month! 🙂

Ranking Reports - Public URL

Please watch this video to see how to generate a ranking report in just a few clicks:

Log in now and give this new reporting option a try…

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