DateType of ChangeDescription
Jun 7, 2018New 'Trust Ratio' column in 'Auction Master''Trust Ratio' (Trust Flow / Citation Flow) now available in 'Auction Master'.
June 6, 2018New SMTP option in 'Mobile Prospector'You can now add your SMTP details to send reports by email directly from 'Mobile Prospector'
May 25, 2018New options for GDPR compliance in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now ask your visitors to tick a box in order to receive the report and further communications, as well as edit, export and remove their data...
Apr 2, 2018List of backlinks now available in the 'Link Velocity' section in 'Site Explorer'You can now view the list of backlinks for each month in the 'Link Velocity' section in 'Site Explorer'.
Mar 29, 2018Estimated traffic now available in 'What Ranks Where'You can now view an estimation of the traffic received by the site for each keyword found in 'What Ranks Where'.
Jan 4, 2018Speed Analysis now available in 'SEO Review' & 'Site Auditor Pro' reportsYou can now see the page speed score, as well as some possible optimizations, in 'SEO Review' & 'Site Auditor Pro' reports.
Dec 22, 2017'DoFollow/NoFollow' & 'Link Type 'columns now available in 'Deep Backlinks Explorer' search resultsYou can now see whether the links are dofollow or nofollow, as well as their type, in 'Deep Backlinks Explorer' search results.
Dec 21, 2017'Deep Backlinks Explorer' option now available for Premium membersPremium members can now run 'Deep Backlinks Explorer' in 'Backlinks Explorer' and get more information about the backlinks found like the domain age, Moz metrics, Alexa rank...
Dec 8, 2017New YouTube & Amazon metrics now available in 'System Reports'You can now display more YouTube & Amazon metrics (number of views, likes, comments...) in the reports you generate in 'System Reports'.
Nov 27, 2017Competitor suggestion function improved in 'Site Manager'The competitor suggestion function in 'Site Manager' has been improved, so you now get more relevant results.
Nov 8, 2017New 'Google Index Check' option in 'Bulk URL Analyzer'You can now check whether the URLs you want to analyze are indexed in Google or not in 'Bulk URL Analyzer'.
Nov 7, 2017Security Analysis now available in 'SEO Review' & 'Site Auditor Pro' reportsYou can now see whether or not there is an SSL Certificate installed in 'SEO Review' & 'Site Auditor Pro' reports.
Nov 2, 2017Improved filtering in 'Long Tail Keywords'You can now choose to keep or disregard the filters you set up when drilling down a search result in 'Long Tail Keywords'.
Oct 27, 2017New 'Trust Ratio' column in 'Top Expiring Domains''Trust Ratio' (Trust Flow / Citation Flow) now available in 'Top Expiring Domains'.
Oct 18, 2017Cities now filtered by country when adding keywords to 'Local Tracking'When adding keywords to 'Local Tracking', only the cities in the country you previously selected will appear in suggestions.
Oct 16, 2017SERPed now available in French & SpanishThe SERPed interface is now available in French & Spanish.
Oct 2, 2017New 'Search Volume Language' drop-down menu when adding keywords to 'Site Manager', 'Local Tracking, 'Global Tracking', 'Instant Check', 'YouTube Tracker' & 'Amazon Tracker'You can now specify a language for the search volumes displayed in 'Site Manager', 'Local Tracking, 'Global Tracking', 'Instant Check', 'YouTube Tracker' & 'Amazon Tracker'.
Oct 4, 2017New 'Check Period' (1 day) in 'Local Tracking' & 'Global Tracking'You can now choose a 'Check Period' of 1 day in 'Local Tracking' & 'Global Tracking'
Sep 21, 2017New citation sources in 'Citation Scanner''Citation Scanner' now checks more citations sources including TripAdvisor...
Sep 1, 2017New TLD available in 'Aged Domain Finder' & 'Top Expiring Domains'You can now search for .es domains in 'Aged Domain Finder' & 'Top Expiring Domains'.
Aug 16, 2017New 'Register' button in 'Exact Match Domains' & 'Domain Hacker'You can now send domains found by 'Exact Match Domains' & 'Domain Hacker' to a list of selected registrars.
Aug 8, 2017'Google Index Checker' Now Faster for Small Searches'Google Index Checker' now returns results faster for small searches.
May 18, 2017More Countries Available in 'What Ranks Where'You can now choose among more countries (databases) in 'What Ranks Where'.
Apr 6, 2017Multiple Keywords Search in 'Ultimate Research'It is now possible to enter multiple keywords in the 'Ultimate Research' form.
Apr 6, 2017Increased Speed in 'Site Explorer''Site Explorer' results are now faster to load.
Mar 20, 2017CSV Export Option in 'Expired Scraper'It is now possible to export 'Expired Scraper' results into a CSV file.
Feb 14, 2017Moz Spam Score & Top Pages Now Available in 'Site Explorer'You can now see the Spam Score & Top Pages from Moz of any site in 'Site Explorer'.
Jan 24, 2017'Trust Flow' & 'Citation Flow' now available for anchor texts in 'Backlinks Explorer'You can now see the 'Trust Flow' & 'Citation Flow' of each anchor text in 'Backlinks Explorer'.
Jan 9, 2017Increased Page Load Speed in 'Backlinks Manager''Backlinks Manager' is now a lot faster to load.
Dec 12, 2015'Company Profiles' Now Available in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now choose a company profile when setting a project in 'Site Auditor Pro'.
Dec 12, 2015URL Validation System in 'Link Indexer Pro''Link Indexer Pro' now prevents you from submitting invalid URLs.
Dec 11, 2015Duplicate Link Finder in 'Backlinks Manager''Backlinks Manager' now prevents you from adding duplicate links.
Nov 17, 2015New Image Sources in 'Content Curator'You can now get images from Flickr and Pixabay in 'Content Curator'.
Nov 12, 2015Glossary in 'What Ranks Where', 'Competition Analyzer' & 'Bulk URL Analyzer'There is now a glossary in 'What Ranks Where', 'Competition Analyzer' and 'Bulk URL Analyzer'.
Oct 30, 2015Notes Now Available in 'Backlinks Manager'You can now write notes for each one of your backlinks in 'Backlinks Manager'.
Oct 27, 2015Number of Results Increased in 'What Ranks Where'You can now get up to 500 results in 'What Ranks Where', instead of 200.
Oct 16, 2015Ability to Add/Remove 'Favorite Tools' BoxYou now have the ability to add or remove the 'Favorite Tools' box on your dashboard.
Oct 13, 2015'What Ranks Where' Now Scans The Top 100 Results'What Ranks Where' now scans the top 100 search results, instead of the top 20.
Oct 13, 2015'Site Explorer' and 'Backlinks Explorer' Now Return up to 2,000 Backlinks'Site Explorer' and 'Backlinks Explorer' now return up to 2,000 backlinks, instead of 1,000.
Oct 13, 2015New Article Delivery Options in 'Pro Monthly Content'You can now receive articles ordered in 'Pro Monthly Content' by email, or download them directly from the interface.
Oct 12, 2015Hebrew Now Fully SupportedAll our tools now support Hebrew.
Oct 9, 2015Ability to Receive Notification Emails to Other Email AddressesYou can now receive notification emails to other email addresses (in addition to your main email address).
Oct 8, 2015Billing Information Now Available on Profile PageYou can now see your billing information on your profile page.
Oct 8, 2015New 'Keyword' Field For Filters in 'Aged Domain Finder', 'Top Expiring Domains' and 'Expired Scraper'You can now choose to receive notification emails when domains with certain keywords are found in 'Aged Domain Finder', 'Top Expiring Domains' and 'Expired Scraper'.
Oct 7, 2015PDF Exports Now Available in 'Ultimate Research', 'Long Tail Keywords' and 'What Ranks Where'You can now export 'Ultimate Research', 'Long Tail Keywords' and 'What Ranks Where' search results to PDF (with company branding).
Oct 5, 2015New Filters in 'Ultimate Research' and 'Long Tail Keywords'You can now filter results by keyword, average number of monthly searches, level of competition, etc. in 'Ultimate Research' and 'Long Tail Keywords'.
Oct 5, 2015Option to Add Notes in 'Google Index Checker'You now have the option to add notes to search results in 'Google Index Checker'.
Oct 5, 2015Monthly Limits Doubled in 'Content Restorer'Both Premium and Ultimate members can now restore twice as many sites with 'Content Restorer'.
Oct 5, 2015Ability to View Snapshots in 'Content Restorer'You can now see snapshots and choose between different versions of a site before downloading its content in 'Content Restorer'.
Oct 1, 2015'Site Auditor Pro' Emails Now Support All LanguagesYou can now send emails from 'Site Auditor Pro' in any language.
Sep 28, 2015Ability to Analyze Exact URLs in 'Site Explorer'You can now analyze exact URLs, as well as root domains, in Site Explorer'.
Sep 23, 2015New Metric: SERPed RankYou can now see the SERPed Rank of any URL in 'Site Explorer'. This is score that takes into consideration many different metrics in our own proprietary formula.
Sep 21, 2015Ability to Communicate When a Task is Pending Review in 'Social Exchanger'You can now keep communicating with the other party when a task is pending review in 'Social Exchanger'.
Sep 21, 2015New Country in 'Citation Scanner'We added a new country (India) to 'Citation Scanner'.
Sep 17, 2015New Language in 'Site Auditor Pro'Your 'Site Auditor Pro' reports can now be in Dutch.
Aug 26, 2015'Link Indexer Pro' Update'Link Indexer Pro' has been updated and now comes with 'SERPed Indexer', our proprietary link indexing tool (using a combination of resources available to us).
Aug 20, 2015New Country & More Directories in 'Citation Scanner'We added a new country (Sweden) and more directories (for New Zealand) to 'Citation Scanner'.
July 8, 2015New Tool: 'Review Badges'This tool allows you to help your clients increase their social proof and get more reviews.
July 7, 2015New Version of 'Long Tail Keywords'New search form and results table, with search volumes, trends, CPC, traffic value, PPC competition...
June 25, 2015Majestic History Graph Now Available in 'Site Statistics' in 'Site Manager'You can now view the Majestic metrics of your sites over time in 'Site Statistics' in 'Site Manager'.
June 22, 2015New Tool: 'Social Exchanger'This tool helps you get more likes, shares, reviews and so on from other members.
June 18, 2015All Countries Now Supported in 'Rank Tracking'All countries supported by Google are now supported in 'Rank Tracking'.
June 18, 2015New Keyword Export Function in 'Rank Tracking'You can now select and export keywords from our 'Rank Tracking' tools (Cities, Countries & Quick Check).
June 18, 2015New Filter in 'Aged Domain Finder' (MJ D/Bkl)You can now filter domains by Majestic Domains/Backlinks in 'Aged Domain Finder'.
June 18, 2015'Site Log Data' Downloads Now Available in 'Uptime Monitor'You can now download 'Site Log Data' in 'Uptime Monitor' (CSV).
June 16, 2015'Fast Backlink Check' Now Available in 'Backlinks Explorer'You can now run 'Fast Backlink Checks', as well as use the 'Deep Backlink Explorer' in 'Backlinks Explorer'.
June 15, 2015New Version of 'Site Explorer'New search form, new summary table, more metrics, screenshots, anchor breakdowns, more backlinks (with metrics)...
June 12, 2015New Tool: Backlinks Manager'This new tool helps you manage your backlinks: anchor, metrics, index status, location...
June 10, 2015Include/Exclude US Local Directories in 'Site Auditor Pro' ReportsYou can now choose to include or exclude US local directories in your 'Site Auditor Pro' reports.
June 1, 2015Ability to Send Reports 10 Mins Later in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now choose to send 'Site Auditor Pro' reports 10 mins later (useful for double optin)
May 27, 2015'Domain Research' Section Split Into 2 Sections ('Domain Finding' & 'Domain Analysis')We split the 'Domain Research' into 2 sections: 1 for 'Domain Finding' tools and 1 for 'Domain Analysis' tools.
May 27, 2015New Tool: 'Auction Master'This new tool helps you find domains on the most popular auction platforms like Flippa, Digital Point...
May 20, 2015Google Broad & Exact Match Searches Now Available in 'Ultimate Research'You can now choose to get broad search results or exact match results in 'Ultimate Research'.
May 19, 2015Include/Exclude Google PageRank in 'Site Auditor Pro' ReportsYou can now choose to include or exclude Google PageRank in your 'Site Auditor Pro' reports.
May 18, 2015Ability to Change Domain in 'Web Analytics' Tracking CodeYou can now change the domain used in your 'Web Analytics' tracking code.
May 14, 2015Server OptimizationWe optimized our server, for better performance.
May 13, 2015Trends Graphs Now Available in 'Ultimate Research'You can now see the Trends Graph of each keyword 'Ultimate Research' finds for you.
May 13, 2015Google Images Now Available in 'Pro Monthly Content'You can now choose images from Google Images when placing article orders in 'Pro Monthly Content'.
May 12, 2015Backlinks Indexer Integrated in 'Link Indexer Pro'You can now add your Backlinks Indexer details to your user profile and send your links to this service from 'Link Indexer Pro'.
May 11, 2015More Countries & Directories in 'Citation Scanner'We added a lot of countries and directories to 'Citation Scanner': Spain, The Netherlands, South Africa...
May 8, 2015New Highlight Option in 'Ultimate Research'You can now mark keywords as important in 'Ultimate Research'.
May 8, 2015New Selection Option in 'Ultimate Research' & 'What Ranks Where'You can now select multiple keywords in 'Ultimate Research' and 'What Ranks Where' and send them to 'Rank Tracker' or export them with the push of a button.
May 7, 2015Loading Effects Fixed in 'Site Explorer' & 'Competition Analyzer'The loading effects in 'Site Explorer' and 'Competition Analyzer' have been fixed.
May 7, 2015Delete Option Now Available in 'Mobile Prospector'You can now delete prospects on the 'Create Report' page in 'Mobile Prospector'.
May 6, 2015'Top Expiring Domains' & 'Expired Scraper' Now Available in 'Email & Alerts' Section in User ProfileYou can now manage your system notifications and email alerts for 'Top Expiring Domains' and 'Expired Scraper' in your user profile.
May 6, 2015Premium & Ultimate Domains Pools in 'Expired Scraper'You now have access to the domains found by other members. Partial access (Premium Pool) if you are a Premium member, and full access (Ultimate Pool) if you are an Ultimate member.
May 6, 2015Clear Option Now Available in 'Expired Scraper'You can now clear past searches in 'Expired Scraper'.
May 5, 2015Mobile-Friendly Score Shortcode in 'Mobile Prospector' EmailsYou can now add the mobile-friendly score shortcode to your emails in 'Mobile Prospector'.
Apr 30, 2015Google Database Now Available in 'Ultimate Research'You can now choose between the Moz database and Google database to search for keywords in 'Ultimate Research'
Apr 29, 2015New Tool: 'Expired Scraper'This tool allows you to find thousands of high quality domains with backlinks from the most trusted sites in the world.
Apr 24, 2015Export Option Now Available in 'Mobile Prospector' (Email History)In 'Mobile Prospector', you can now export the details of your prospects (CSV) after emailing them.
Apr 23, 2015New Feature: 'Mobile Rank Tracker'You can now track mobile rankings in 'Rank Tracking (Countries)'.
Apr 22, 2015More Countries & Directories in 'Citation Scanner'We added a lot of countries and directories to 'Citation Scanner': Germany, France, Brazil, Norway...
Apr 21, Now Protected With is now protected with Sucuri, a company that specializes in protecting websites.
Apr 15, 2015Export Option Now Available in 'Mobile Prospector'In 'Mobile Prospector', you can now export the details of your prospects (CSV) before emailing them.
Apr 14, 2015Mass Delete Option Now Available in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now delete multiple leads at a time in 'Site Auditor Pro'.
Apr 14, 2015Duda Mobile Footer Removed From 'Mobile Prospector'The Duda Mobile footer has been removed from the mobile preview in 'Mobile Prospector'.
Apr 9, 2015Email Preview Option Now Available in 'Mobile Prospector'You can now preview emails before sending them in 'Mobile Prospector'.
Apr 9, 2015New Results Table in 'Bulk URL Analyzer''Bulk URL Analyzer' can now provide you with a combined results table, so you can compare both versions of a domain (with www. and without) more easily.
Apr 7, 201520% Discount in 'Domain Marketplace'If you get 5 domains or more, you get 20% discount on the whole order amount.
Apr 7, 2015New Tools Available For Team Account OwnersYou can now give more permissions (access to more tools) to team accounts owners.
Apr 6, 2015New Tool: 'Mobile Prospector''Mobile Prospector' helps you find sites that are not mobile-friendly and contact their respective owners to offer them your services.
Apr 2, 2015New Interface in 'Web Analytics''Web Analytics' now has a more modern, more user-friendly interface.
Mar 30, 2015Attachments Now Available in Support TicketsYou can now attach files when you submit a ticket via the 'Support' section.
Mar 26, 2015New Languages in 'Site Auditor Pro'Your 'Site Auditor Pro' reports can now be in English, Spanish, French and German.
Mar 25, 2015New Tool: 'Citation Scanner''Citation Scanner' allows you to analyze local citation listings and find opportunities, for yourself, your clients and your prospects.
Mar 23, 2015Mobile Friendly Test Now Available in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now add a Mobile Friendly Test in 'Site Auditor Pro', to find out whether a site is mobile-friendly or not.
Mar 16, 2015New Functions Available in 'Rank Tracking' ToolsWe added a 'View' button (to view keyword data) and a 'Delete Selected' button (to delete multiple keywords at once) to 'Rank Tracking' tools
Mar 16, 2015Delete Function in 'Domain Hacker'You can now delete reports in 'Domain Hacker'.
Mar 12, 2015Response Time Data Now Available in 'PDF Site Reports'You can now add response time data (from 'Uptime Monitor') to 'PDF Site Reports'.
Mar 12, 2015'Uptime Monitor' ImprovedWe improved 'Uptime Monitor'. It can now check sites with 301 and 302 redirects.
Mar 12, 2015New Functionas Available in 'Competition Analyzer''Competition Analyzer' now saves the latest database used. We also added a 'Google Database' column to the history.
Mar 11, 2015Optimization of 'Site Auditor Pro' CodeWe optimized the 'Site Auditor Pro' code, for better performance.
Mar 10, 2015New Server For 'Site Auditor Pro' & 'Uptime Monitor'We moved 'Site Auditor Pro' and 'Uptime Monitor' to another server, for better performance.
Mar 9, 2015Improved User Interface in 'YouTube Tracker'The user interface of 'YouTube Tracker' has been improved.
Mar 9, 2015New Tool: 'Amazon Tracker''Amazon Tracker' allows you to track the rankings of your product pages on Amazon.
Mar 6, 2015New Option to Add a YouTube Video to 'Rank Tracker' From 'YouTube Tracker'You can now easily add a YouTube video to 'Rank Tracker' directly from 'YouTube Tracker'.
Mar 6, 2015New Social Statistics Available in 'Site Manager''Site Manager' now provides you with LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Pinterest statistics.
Mar 6, 2015New Moz Metrics Available in 'Site Manager''Site Manager' now provides you with the Moz Page Authority and Subdomain Rank for your sites and pages.
Mar 6, 2015New Majestic SEO Metrics Available in 'Site Manager''Site Manager' now provides you with the Majestic SEO metrics of your sites.
Mar 6, 2015New Overview Table in 'Site Manager''Site Manager' now provides you with an overview table, with useful information about your sites.
Mar 6, 2015New Servers For Better PerformanceWe added not one but two new servers to, for better performance.
Feb 25, 2015New Re-Run Option in 'Google Index Checker'You can now easily re-run searches in 'Google Index Checker' (so you don't have to re-enter all the domains).
Feb 25, 2015New Notifications Available in 'Site Manager'You can now receive notifications when your Moz metrics are updated.
Feb 25, 2015'Company Profile' Now in 'SEO Review' Reports in 'Site Manager'You can now add your 'Company Profile' to PDF reports generated from 'SEO Review' in 'Site Manager'.
Feb 16, 2015Tracking Now Available in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now add a custom parameter to URLs in 'Site Auditor Pro', to track where leads come from.
Feb 10, 2015New 'PPC AdWords' Option in What Ranks WhereYou can now search for AdWords results, as well as Organic results in 'What Ranks Where'.
Feb 10, 2015New 'Thank You Page' Option in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now create a custom thank you page in 'Site Auditor Pro', to redirect your leads after they opt in.
Feb 10, 2015New 'Other Autoresponders' Option in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now the optin form code of any autoresponder in 'Site Auditor Pro'.
Feb 10, 2015'PDF Download' Button in 'Site Auditor Pro' & 'SEO Review' ReportsYou can now download the PDF version of the 'Site Auditor Pro' and 'SEO Review' reports with the push of a button.
Feb 5, 2015New Metrics in 'Competition Analyzer' & 'Bulk URL Analyzer'You can now see the Moz Subdomain Rank and Page Authority metrics in 'Competition Analyzer' and 'Bulk URL Analyzer'.
Feb 3, 2015'Company Profiles' in 'My Profile'You can now create 'Company Profiles' from the 'My Profile' section.
Feb 3, Plugin 2.0 - New Auto Update SettingsThe Plugin can now automatically update WordPress, as well as your plugins and themes.
Feb 3, Plugin 2.0 - New 'Site Auditor Pro' ModuleYou can now create audit forms directly from WordPress and place them anywhere on your blog/website: posts, pages, sidebar, top, slide in...
Feb 3, Plugin 2.0 - Add Posts/Pages to 'Site Manager'You can now add posts and pages to 'Site Manager' directly from WordPress, with the click of a mouse.
Feb 3, Plugin 2.0 - 'Pro Monthly Content' Now WorkingThe issue some users have experienced with the 'Pro Monthly Content' tab not showing has been fixed.
Jan 26, 2015'Majestic Graph' in 'Aged Domain Finder'You can now see the 'Majestic Graph' (Trust Flow / Citation Flow) in 'Aged Domain Finder' results.
Jan 26, 2015New Option in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now receive email notifications every time you get a new lead (turned off by default).
Jan 26, 2015New 'SEO Review' Report in 'Site Manager'The 'SEO Review' report in 'Site Manager' has been greatly improved.
Jan 19, 2015Keyword Groups & Delete Option in 'Quick Check'You can now view keywords by group (date-based) in 'Quick Check' and delete past searches.
Jan 12, 2015New Option in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now limit the number of reports per email address.
Jan 12, 2015New Autoresponders Integrated in 'Site Auditor Pro'You can now connect your SendReach or Infusionsoft account to 'Site Auditor Pro'.
Jan 12, 2015Rejoin Option Now AvailableYou can now rejoin and reactivate your account easily.
Jan 8, 2015New Server For Better was moved to a new server for better performance.
Jan 5, 2015Ping System ImprovedThe issue with sites hosted on HostGator was resolved by improving the ping system.
Jan 5, & Foursquare in 'Site Auditor Pro Reports''Site Auditor Pro' reports now show if the site is listed on and Foursquare or not.
Dec 31, 2014New Tool: 'Site Auditor Pro'This new tool allows you to create an audit form that you can embed anywhere and provide users with detailed SEO reports.
Dec 31, 2014New Tool: 'Inner Linking Profile'This new tool crawls your website and analyzes your internal links on autopilot.
Dec 31, 2014Public URLs in 'Rank Tracking' ToolsYou can now create a unique link for your clients for any keywords so they can view their rankings whenever they want.
Dec 10, 2014Unlimited Storage in 'Site Backups'You can now add your Amazon S3 details to your SERPed profile and get unlimited storage for your site backups.
Dec 10, 2014'Site Manager' Script ImprovedThe script to check sites and competitors in 'Site Manager' has been improved.
Nov 29, 2014New Server to Check Links in 'Site Manager'The 'Site Problem' bug in 'Site Manager' was resolved by adding a new server to check links.
Nov 29, 2014'Backlinks Metrics' Now Available in 'Site Explorer''Site Explorer' now returns 'Backlinks Metrics' (page title, anchor, source URL, target URL, Moz PA & DA & type) as well as 'Site Metrics'.
Nov 29, 2014Increased Monthly Limit in 'Site Explorer'The daily limit for Premium members was increased from 150 to 200 and for Ultimate members 300 to 500.
Nov 29, 2014Expired Domains Now Available in 'Aged Domain Finder'You can now search for expired domains (dropped), as well as expiring domains (auctions, backorders...), in 'Aged Domain Finder'.
Nov 29, 2014Ability to Mark Domains in 'Aged Domain Finder'You can now mark/unmark domains in 'Aged Domain Finder'.
Nov 29, 2014'Quick Check' Now Available in 'PDF Site Reports'You can now include information from 'Quick Check' in 'PDF Site Reports'.
Nov 29, 2014New Search Filter in 'Ultimate Keyword Research' ResultsYou can now search for specific keywords in 'Ultimate Keyword Research' results.
Nov 29, 2014Improved User Interface For 'PDF Site Reports'The user interface of 'PDF Site Reports' has been improved.
Nov 29, 2014New Video TutorialsNew video tutorials have been added, watch them for step-by-step instructions, tips and more.
Nov 29, 2014New Tool: 'Content Restorer'This new tool allows you to restore the content of any site (compatible with Wayback Machine).
Nov 29, 2014New TLDs in 'Domain Hacker'New TLDs include .academy, .center, .company, .guru, .land, .technology, .training and many more.
Nov 29, 2014Subdomain Searches in 'Domain Hacker''Domain Hacker' now searches for .com subdomain, e.g.,, etc.
Nov 29, 2014Backup Status in 'Site Backups''Site Backups' now displays the status of the latest backups (successful or failed).
Nov 29, 2014'Backup Now' Function in 'Site Backups'You can now instantly schedule backups in 'Site Backups'.
Nov 29, 2014Increased Speed in 'Bulk URL Analyzer''Bulk URL Analyzer' is now 50% faster.
Nov 29, 2014New Search Function in 'Top Expiring Domains'There is now a search function in 'Top Expiring Domains'.
Nov 29, 2014Increased Daily Limit in 'Google Index Checker'The daily limit for Ultimate members was increased from 400 to 500.
Nov 29, 2014Increased Search Limit in 'Google Index Checker'The search limit (max. number of URLs per search) for all members was increased from 25 to 100.

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