As you may know, our other site,, is an all-in-one suite of SEO tools.

Around 18 months ago we started working on version 3 of the app. This was a huge project, and the work continues with a full team working flat out each day. We are finally ready to unveil this new version of the app. Starting… Today!

We wrote a notification post for members (you can/should read it here) with a bunch of information on what to expect. Today, the new version was pushed live.

Intro video explaining the overview of the app:

Note: This is only the start of a new era here at SERPed. This v3 was vital to allow us the framework in which to continue massive improvements and additions to the suite. It only gets better from here!

We hope you enjoy it. Any questions, you can submit a ticket or catch us on live chat.

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