Apple are announcing their new versions of the iPhone and also the Apple Watch, as I type this post. I wanted to ensure YOU had a chance of owning one, so we decided to do a quick contest…

Just by using SERPed tool “Social Exchanger” this month you can win the brand new iPhone 6 for first place and 2nd place will win an Apple Watch! (don't like Apple? Yes you can win cash instead)

Why Use The Social Exchanger?

This contest is to bring awareness to a recently released, members helping members tool called “Social Exchanger”. Digital marketing can be tough, even if you're a large agency, but SERPed members have the chance to ‘team up' and help each other out using our ‘deregulated' marketplace.

You earn points for doing actions for other members and in return can spend those points to get actions done, it is truly win-win!
There are so many tasks, like viewing, subscribing or liking your clients YouTube video, searching for a site and clicking through then surfing the site, sending a LinkedIn endorsement, liking a fan page etc. that can be fulfilled using this powerful, yet super easy to use marketplace! To learn more, be sure to read this short but information packed post and watch the video to witness this powerful marketplace in action.

Why The Contest?

Purely based on the rewards you get for using the Social Exchanger and the benefits in your business, a contest is redundant, each action you complete improves and enhances your business, through others doing actions for you! With that said, we have added a bit of gamification into SERPed, with cool Achievement Leaderboards, which are awesome for bragging rights and seeing your name in the top 10 as one of the super helpful members of the SERPed community.Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.34.31 PM

We plan to award prizes at the end of the year too, for the overall winner, but each month we want to say ‘thank you' for getting involved and improving not only your business (we want to thank you for that too, we love movers and shakers and success stories) but also for helping the SERPed community.

The short answer: We don't need to run a contest, as the value is more then there in the ‘Social Exchanger' but we wanted to get you using it and give you the ‘kickstart' needed to jump into action…

How To Enter The Contest:

Simply achieve these two steps:

1. To qualify, you MUST add 2 ‘tasks' into the exchanger, this helps your business as other members will complete those tasks for you
2. Finish in the top 2 on the board by the end of this month  (it's totally open now, so no reason to not get a top 2 place)

That's it! Then brag about your win and enjoy your new tech! Get Posting Tasks and Completing Actions NOW 😉

Another Note:

You may or may not know this, but we have created a system for anyone interested in private networks. This is a very limited intake and is closed to the public. Here is a post with more information about our new, very complimentary to SERPed (in fact it integrates SERPed to make it better) system called NetworkCrusader, then check it out here.

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