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About – What we aim to do for you… is an authority site geared towards providing quality, actionable information that you can use in your business. Serped, as the name suggests focuses on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) content. Our writers are in house, as well as top experts in their field. Unlike other ‘news' sites, our goal is not to pump out content for the sake of giving you a quick fix, there are plenty of sites for that. Our focus is: Quality, In Depth, Actionable Content Only!

At SERPed Quality => Quantity.

Using time management software (every team or work at home professional should use) showed us that our average editor spent over 2 hours during the 9-5 reading those types of ‘news' sites that seemed to provide very little value at the end of the day. At Serped, we want you to consume each piece of content and feel that the time you spend on our site is time well spent.

The link above is an affiliate link. On Serped, where we see fit, we will use affiliate links as it helps keep the lights on and the quality content ‘ink' flowing. With that said, editorial quality and staying neutral is of vital importance to the company, and we will not link to any products or services we do not personally use and derive value from.

SERPed was born on the 21st October (This post is our first action). The domain was purchased after market and the asking price was quite high for a new startup, but we feel the name was worth it, and we hope that you feel the content is!



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