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Find Hundreds of Local Citation Opportunities With Citation Scanner (For Yourself, Your Clients & Your Prospects!)

The wait is over… Our local citation tool is live! We're super excited about this new tool, and hope you are too. We called it: ‘Citation Scanner‘. Several of our programmers worked on this project full-time for almost 3 months, so make sure you check it out… It's located under the ‘Client Acquisition' menu inside

In short, ‘Citation Scanner' offers you a quick and easy way to find hundreds of local citation opportunities, for yourself, your clients and your prospects. This is the perfect tool to help you get new clients, we talk about that in the tutorial video below.

The system scans literally hundreds local citation sources and tells you if the business is already listed there or not. If it's not, all you need to do is to click a button and create the listing… This will bring:

* Traffic from that source
* Backlinks to your main business site, building trust and authority
* A boost in Google's eyes and a chance to get into the 7-Pack
(Note, the 7-Pack is the maps section with pins that lists businesses when you search terms related to them)

Simple, right?

What is a Local Citation?

A local citation is a mention of your business on a website. Business directory listings are the most common form of citation. By definition, a local citation mentions your business name, but doesn't necessarily link to your website, although many of the sources do.

Here is an example of local citation:

Local citations have 2 main benefits:

– They help your business get exposure (people search for businesses like yours on websites like this)
– They help your website get better local rankings

What is Citation Scanner?

‘Citation Scanner' is one of the 30+ super powerful SEO tools you get with your membership. This tool helps you find local citation opportunities. Imagine you own a local business (or of course your current, or future clients), and you would like to rank higher in Google in your area. What you need is simple: more local citations.

That's where ‘Citation Scanner' comes in. Our tool scans local citation sources, finds out where your business is already listed, and where it isn't, and shows you hundreds of local citation opportunities, so you can create new listings and increase your local rankings.

Searching for local citation opportunities yourself would take you days of tedious work. We're pretty sure you would give up after half an hour… With our tool, you will be able to see where ANY local business is listed, and where it isn't, in just a few clicks.

Can I Use This For Clients & Prospects?

Of course! You can use this tool for yourself, for your clients, but also for your prospects. If you run an SEO business, chances are several of your clients are local businesses, who could do with better local rankings… That's probably why they hired you! Well, ‘Citation Scanner' will help you get the extra local citations they need to rank higher locally.

Now imagine showing up to a meeting with a potential client with a huge list of local citation opportunities… What would their reaction be? You've pretty much done all the work already. All you need to do now is to get him/her to sign the contract.

How Does ‘Citation Scanner' Work?

All you need to do is to select the type of search you want to perform: a business search or a keyword search, fill out the form, and ‘Citation Scanner' takes care of the rest.

Business search: If you do a business search, the tool will find where it's already listed and where it's not, so you know where you can create new listings.

Keyword search: If you do a keyword search, the tool will pull the businesses located in the 7-Pack for that term and tell you where they are listed, and where they are not.

Make sure you use our ordering system to order sources by location, category, Moz Rank & Moz Domain Authority. This will help you get the job done even faster. You can also generate PDF reports that you can easily share with your clients or prospects, as well as export CSV files…

Watch this tutorial video to see ‘Citation Scanner' in action:

How Much Does it Cost?

‘Citation Scanner' is included in your membership, at no extra cost.

That's right… Yet another service you would normally pay a hefty monthly additional fee for, is now included inside your membership

Click Here to visit the ‘Citation Scanner' to give this insanely powerful local citation tool a try!

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