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Find Thousands of High Quality Domains With Backlinks From The Most Trusted Sites in The World…

Want to own sites with backlinks from CNN, NYTimes,, Wikipedia, Play.Google etc. and for only $10?  Now you can! 🙂

Today we are proud to officially announce the release of ‘Expired Scraper‘, which is a tool that finds thousands of high quality domains with backlinks from the most trusted sites in the world, and available for registration. Our competitors charge hundreds of dollars per month for this kind of tool. How much extra do you have to pay? Zero. Nothing. Nada. That's right, it's included in your membership.

With ‘Expired Scraper', all you need to do is to enter a site (if you don't have any ideas, you can browse the provided list of top sites by country and category) and let the tool do its magic… Come back 15 minutes later, and you will see a list of available domains the site links to, with all the most important metrics: PageRank, Moz Rank, Moz Domain Authority, Moz Backlinks, Majestic Citation Flow, Majestic Trust Flow, Alexa, Social… You can of course order these domains by metric, and register them in just a few clicks, with the registrar of your choice: GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.

Once you have registered a domain, in the drop down, click ‘This Domain is already registered' and it will remove it from the list.

BONUS – Pools of Available Domains

The best part is… All available domains go to the public pool after 3 days (72 hours), meaning that even if you reached your limit of daily or monthly searches, you can still find high quality domains.

There are 2 pools: 1 pool for Premium members, who can see 33% of the available domains, and 1 pool for Ultimate members, who can see 100% of the available domains. To view how many domains are currently in the Premium and Ultimate pools, click the green button located at the bottom of ‘Expired Scraper'.

You can filter these domains by niche, and also set up filters, so you can be notified by email when domains meeting your criteria are added to your pool.

The domains listed in the Premium and Ultimate pools are partly hidden. This is to protect your future assets, so no one spies on your future web assets. This is also to prevent other people from ‘stealing' all the domains and selling them on another platform.

But don't worry… As a Premium member, you can reveal up to 50 domains per day and 600 per month, and as an Ultimate member, up to 150 domains per day and 2,000 per month. Added benefit of this is that revealing domains will also force the system re-check their availability and remove the domains that are not available anymore, so the lists are updated and fresh, weeding out ‘double ups' of domains registered but not marked as such (or found by the millions of other people online who don't have your competitive advantage.)

Make sure you watch this video to see ‘Expired Scraper' in action…

‘Expired Scraper' will find thousands of high quality domains for you… Domains that you can register for often just $10… We hope you enjoy this new tool

Click here to give ‘Expired Scraper' a try…


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