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SERPed Agency: Fully Customizable, White-Label SEO Client Dashboards 🚅

BIG NEWS! ? Today we are proud to announce the launch of SERPed Agency, a new membership add-on specifically designed for digital agencies.

Do you do SEO for clients, or plan to do so? If that's the case, make sure you keep reading because this module will help you save hours of work every week and provide your clients with a higher level of service.

In short, SERPed Agency allows you to:

Fully Customizable, White-Label SEO Dashboards For Your Clients

Tired of manually preparing, sending reports, and constantly communicating with your clients about their progress? SERPed Agency allows you to create Client Dashboards with drag-and-drop ease.

First, you simply need to select the site of your client from a drop-down menu and choose which integrations you want to use:

Add New Site Process

Once this is done, you need to decide what you want your clients to see in their dashboard: which metrics, which statistics…

Dashboard Builder

Then, you need to create a user account for your client:

That's it! Your clients will then be able to log into their own dashboard, with their own credentials, and see a lot of information including, but not limited to:

Client SEO Dashboard
(from the client's point of view)

That way, every time they want to know where they rank, if their metrics have increased or decreased, how many more backlinks they have had… they can simply log into their dashboard to find out, which means less email communications, less phone calls and less meetings for you.

They will also be able to access more data, by clicking on the widgets. For example, if you set up a “Rank Tracker” widget, they will have access to their very own “Rank Tracker” interface, as shown below:

Rank Tracker Interface
(from the client's point of view)

Same principle for “Google My Business”:

Google My Business Interface
(from the client's point of view)

These dashboards are also a great way of strengthening your client relationships by being transparent and letting clients track their performance at any time. Less work for you, more value for them.

Demo Video (Agency Dashboard)

4 More Ways to Find New Clients

The SERPed Agency add-on also comes with a powerful client acquisition tool called Advanced Prospector.

If you are familiar with, you might already know Mobile Prospector, which allows you to scan Google's results to find websites that are not mobile-friendly, and then offer them your services.

Advanced Prospector works in a similar way. With this client acquisition tool, you will be able to find:

Then it's up to you to contact them (via SMTP, if you wish, or a 3rd party solution), to offer them your products or services. You can then upsell them and offer them other services, including SEO services: rank tracking, auditing, monitoring… all of which you can do with!

Social Monitoring Made Easy

Last but not least, SERPed Agency comes with a social monitoring tool called Social Monitor. As the time this article is written, Social Monitor is still in development, but very close to completion.

With this tool, you will simply have to connect your account to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, YouTube and/or Pinterest… Don't worry, this will take you less than a few seconds.

Once done, Social Monitor will pull data from these platforms and present it to you in the form of downloadable social reports, so you can monitor your presence and track your performance on social networks.

You will be able to monitor your number of followers over time, as well as your number of likes, number of comments and much more.

You can do this for your own business, as well as for your clients of course.

The Agency membership add-on is comprehensive, easy-to-use and switching between accounts is seamless, making it a perfect solution for multiple project management.

This add-on is available for all membership levels. Whether you are a Premium, Ultimate or Enterprise member, you can add this add-on to your membership.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: SERPed Agency is currently available at a special launch price, for a limited time. If you do SEO for clients (or plan to do so), hurry up and lock in the discount while you still can!

➡️ Not a member yet? Click here to sign up now…

➡️ Already a member? Log in now, click on the “Agency” button in the top menu and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the add-on.

Why isn't SERPed Agency already included in my membership?

SERPed Agency is only useful if you do SEO for clients, but SERPed is also used by in-house SEO teams, niche site owners and bloggers… We considered it would be wrong to charge them for features they won't use. That's why SERPed Agency is a membership add-on, and not included in your base membership.

Interested but still undecided? Click here to learn more…

If you have questions or feedback, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. If you experience issues, please get in touch with our friendly support team.

Remember you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

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