Time flies quickly when you are busy and now it's already Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. You know what this means? That's right, it's time for us to give you a quick recap of what's new in SERPed.net

Before we start, here is our Summer update in case you missed it. Since then, we have also released a couple of lead generation tools, which are included in the SERPed Agency add-on:

  • SEO Prospector to help you find websites that don't rank well in Google
  • ADA Prospector to help you find websites that are not ADA compliant

The idea is to get in touch with their respective owners and offer them your services…

Alright! It's now time for our Fall update.

Backlinks Explorer

Backlink Gaps

Are you looking for backlink opportunities? Our new “Backlink Gaps” tool, which is included in Backlinks Explorer, should help find plenty.

All you need to do is start a Backlinks Explorer search and select the “Backlink Gaps” option. You will then see a form asking you to enter your website address as well as that of your competitors, as shown below:

Backlink Gaps Form

In short, our “Backlink Gaps” tool compares your backlink profile with those of your competitors, so you can find backlinks they have in common that you don't have, helping you find backlink opportunities very easily.

Backlink Gaps Results

Site Explorer

Export Spam Links

You can now export spam links into a CSV file from Site Explorer, so you can then easily upload them to Google's disavow tool.

Watch our short tutorial video for step-by-step instructions:

Rank Tracker

New Graph Settings

We added several new settings to Rank Tracker graphs.

You can now:

  • Exclude recently added keywords
  • Exclude specific keywords
  • Exclude specific ranking pages

Graph Settings

Let's imagine you recently added a bunch of keywords to Rank Tracker to start tracking positions in the search engines, but you know your site or your client's site doesn't rank well for these keywords yet… You might want to exclude them, so these positions don't have any negative impact on the graph.

Watch our short tutorial video for more information:

Speaking of Rank Tracker graphs… Please note that the “Estimated Traffic” graph shows estimations of the traffic received based on the search engine rankings for tracked keywords only and the search volume of keywords.

Automated Backlink Notes

The backlinks you add to Backlinks Manager are now automatically added as notes in Rank Tracker, which means they are displayed in history graphs, as shown below:

Automated Backlink Notes

This will enable you to see whether or not your backlinks have had an impact on your search engine rankings…

Please note that this works retroactively, meaning notes are created even for backlinks you added to Backlinks Manager in the past.

Local Tracker

New Import Options

We added a few import options to the “Add Keywords” form in Local Tracker. Now you can import keywords from:

  • Site Manager
  • Google Search Console (connection required)
  • Rank Tracker

Local Tracker Import Options

Site Manager

ADA Audit

You can now run an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) audit in Site Manager. To do so, simply select a site in Site Manager and click on the “ADA AUDIT” tab.

ADA Audit Results

Please note that this report only covers an assessment of ADA non compliance on certain sections of the webpage as shown on the report. We do not guarantee that by complying with this report you will be 100% fully ADA compliant.

Competitor Backlinks Profile

You can now check the backlink profile of your competitors in Site Manager. Simply open the “Competitors” tab, select a competitor and click on the “Backlinks Profile” button.

This will generate a simplified version of their backlink profile.

Competitor Backlinks Profile

To generate a fully detailed backlink profile, simply click on the “More Information” button.

New Export Options

As you already know, you can connect SERPed to Google Search Console, to automatically import a variety of useful information from your Search Console account into your SERPed account:

Well, you can now export “Queries” and “Pages” fetched from Google Search Console into a CSV file as shown below:

Queries Export

Speaking of Google Search Console, you can now manage Google connections from the “Integrations” tab in “My Profile”, which means that you can now connect, disconnect and remove connections from a single interface. You can also allow team account users to connect to Google Search Console.

Exact Match Domains

Star System

We added a star system to Exact Match Domains, which means that you can now mark domains as important, by adding a little star next to them.

Exact Match Domains Star System

You can then filter results and decide to only see domains marked as important, for example.

Mobile & Advanced Prospector

Reports & Shortcodes Now Available in German

Mobile Prospector and Advanced Prospector (which is included in the SERPed Agency add-on) are now available in German. The user interface remains in English for everyone, but the reports and shortcodes (that the people you get in touch with will receive) can now be in German.

All you need to do is select “German” in the search form.

Prospector Tools in German

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