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SERPed Insider Tips

Tip #1

Did you know that you can track Amazon rankings in SERPed? If you sell, or even just promote products on Amazon, Amazon Tracker is a must!

Tip #2

Want to track your search engine rankings over time? Try Rank Tracker and track your positions in Google, Bing, Yahoo… on both desktop and mobile!

Tip #3

Are you struggling to find SEO leads? SERPed comes with plenty of client acquisition tools like Site Auditor Pro to offer free SEO audit reports to your visitors in exchange for their email address.

Tip #4

Want to know what keywords your clients or competitors rank / advertise for? What Ranks Where will help you see that and give you plenty of keyword ideas.

Tip #5

Are your sites often down? Google hates sites that are always down! Time to generate a report with Uptime Monitor and send it to your hosting provider.

Tip #6

Did you know that you can track YouTube rankings in SERPed? With YouTube Tracker, you can track the rankings of any video in YouTube.

Tip #7

Do you do local SEO? You might be interested in Map Tracker to track your local rankings… over time!

Tip #8

Want to analyze multiple domains at once? With Bulk URL Analyzer, you can analyze up to 20 URLs at once…

Tip #9

Want to analyze the metrics and backlinks of a specific page? Look no further! Site Explorer is the tool you are looking for.

Tip #10

Don't want to use Google Analytics? Use our Web Analytics tool instead – it's 100% Google-free!

Tip #11

Can you generate rankings reports with SERPed? Yes, you can! All you have to do is open Rank Tracker, select the keywords you want to show, and your reports are a click away!

Tip #12

Want to create sub-accounts for your team members? Visit your Profile page, open the Team tab and choose what sections they should have access to…

Tip #13

Are you struggling to get your links indexed in the major search engines? Link Indexer will help you get them indexed fast and even boost them!

Tip #14

Did you know that you can change the language of your audit reports in Site Auditor Pro? English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and more coming soon…

Tip #15

Do you have a feature request? Submit it to our Feedback page, other members can vote it up so it goes to the top of our to-do list!

Tip #16

Tired of having to update WordPress, your themes and plugins all the time? Add your site to WordPress Manager and forget about all that, for good!

Tip #17

Can't find good keywords with Keyword Planner? Google hides a lot of the best ones. Our Long Tail Keywords tool won't hide any keywords from you…

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