Mobile Rank Tracker (New HOT Feature!)

As you know, Mobilegeddon came on April 21. This Google algorithm update had a significant impact on mobile search results. In short, if a site is not mobile-friendly, it is now very unlikely to rank well in Google's mobile search results. This is why we released a ‘Mobile Rank Tracker', so you can track desktop rankings, as well as mobile rankings. This is not a new tool, but a new option in our existing Rank Tracking tools.

We suggest you are sure to track some of your main keywords inside the Mobile Search too. By tracking your main ones, this will give a great proxy to how your others compare to the desktop search results too.

When you add keywords…

Mobile Rank Tracker - Keywords

In the results table…

Mobile Rank Tracker - Results

Around 50% of all traffic comes from mobile devices, and this is only increasing. Tracking your mobile rankings has become a must. For more information on Mobilegeddon and to learn how to cash in on this Google update, read this blog post: How You Can Cash in on The New #Mobilegeddon!

To see ‘Mobile Rank Tracker' in action, and learn how you can go and start tracking right away, watch this video:

Site Auditor Pro (New Languages, Mobile)

We were already the best Auditor for capturing leads & clients online. Our reports were the most comprehensive, but we have taken this even further now.

Site Auditor Pro - LanguagesSite Auditor Pro is now available in 4 languages: English of course, but also Spanish, French and German. This opens up a new world of prospects… There are 530 million Spanish speakers, 274 million French speakers and 145 million German speakers in the world, according to SIL Ethnologue. How many would be interested in a site audit and your services? Probably enough to make you a boatload of money…

To change the language of a project, select the project in question, go to the ‘Customize Report' and click the drop-down menu located under ‘Step 1'.

We also added a ‘Mobile Analysis' section so the report can now say if a site is mobile-friendly or not. If it's not mobile-friendly, you can even include a preview of what the site could look like if they hire you. Remember… With Duda Mobile, making a website mobile-friendly is a piece of cake!

Mobile Analysis

Citation Scanner (More Countries & Directories)

We have also worked very hard on Citation Scanner. We have added more countries and directories. You can now find local citation opportunities in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico…

We will keep adding citation sources as we find them. If you would like to suggest citation sources that are not already integrated, don't hesitate to submit a ticket (via the ‘Support' section).

What's Coming in the Next 30 days

– 2 New Killer Domain Finding Tools – These tools will help you find hundreds of quality domains, from untapped sources, in just a few clicks. Auctioned domains, but also expired domains, with all the metrics you need to see… They will be released within a couple of weeks. (We already have great domain finding tools, but these 2 will go deeper than ever and provide you with not just the most complete suite, but basically almost every source possible!

– 2 Awesome Client Management Tools – The 1st tool will help you improve your local exposure and the 2nd tool make it super easy for you to monitor your or your clients' online reviews… They will be released within a few weeks.

– Social Exchanger – This tool will be a game changer… It will be like an underground army of people ready to take action to help you grow your business. We won't say more for now! It will be released within a month.

Stay tuned!

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