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Breakthrough! Yet another service Replaced helping you grow your SEO business without any added cost (cancel your other lead prospecting tool because…)

Site Auditor Pro

You asked for it, and we listened! This was one of the most requested features in our recent survey… In short, ‘Site Auditor Pro' is a tool that allows you to create an audit form that you can embed anywhere you want and provide users with detailed SEO reports. In other words, it's a client lead magnet that will bring in new business for your SEO company. Do you know how much our competitors charge for this kind of tool? Between $50 and $200 per month. Do you know much we charge? Not a single additional cent… It's included in your membership! Here is how it works…

With ‘Site Auditor Pro', you can customize your reports, with your logo and contact details, as well as your audit forms and emails. All your leads will be saved for you, but you can also add your autoresponder details, so they are automatically sent to your autoresponder system. ‘Site Auditor Pro' integrates with AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse and Ontraport. This is a 100% white-label solution that provides a stunning site audit report for your leads in 60 seconds covered in your company branding! This tool will help you take your SEO business to the next level in no time.

You can send the audit form to local businesses you know, or set up Facebook ad campaigns to drive quality prospects into your follow-up system. This is up to you! ‘Site Auditor Pro' was designed to give you maximum flexibility. Everything was done to help you generate SEO leads and convert them into great, high-value clients. You can find ‘Site Auditor Pro' under the new ‘Client Acquisition' section inside

The reason this tool is so powerful is we have done all the work, all you do is add some code to your sites and look like a total rockstar to your future clients that go through our high converting, pre-selling funnel! For more details, watch this tutorial video:

Inner Linking Profile

‘Inner Linking Profile' is a brand new tool that crawls your website and analyzes your internal links. This offers you a quick and easy way to analyze your internal link profile and uncover potential issues. With ‘Inner Linking Profile', you can even analyze each internal link in depth, so you can quickly find out where the internal link is located, what the destination page is, what anchor text is used, what type of link it is (dofollow or nofollow), if it's a sitewide link or not… Go to ‘Inner Linking Profile' under the ‘Other Tools' section, enter a URL and click the ‘Analyze Domain' button to give this powerful new tool a try.

Everyone knows the importance of your external link profile, but Inner linking is Vital to passing juice and letting Google know what pages are about what! Before there was never a way to find out your inner link profile for each page, this tool enables you to dig in deep. You can even exclude menu links by clicking the ‘not side-wide' button. This will exclude links used on more than 50% of the pages analyzed.

Public URLs in Rank Tracker

Due to popular demand… You can now create a unique link for your clients for any keywords you choose so that they can bookmark it and visit it whenever they want, without waiting for the monthly meeting (And the ‘PDF Site Reports' you generate for them)

This means they can always see their results without having to constantly be calling and asking you for daily updates, giving you the time to focus on productive tasks instead!

We hope you are having a great start to 2015 and that these additions are well received.

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