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Looking for Ahrefs Alternatives? Your Search Ends Here!

Had your Ahrefs free membership taken away? Don’t worry, SERPed is here for you… It’s an awful feeling when a tool you’re using suddenly pulls its free service. It’s become integral to your workflow and now you’re going to have a big gaping hole where it once was. Not only that: You can feel as […]

3 weeks ago
52 Copy And Paste Blog Post Ideas For Your Agency Blog

52 Copy And Paste Blog Post Ideas For Your Agency Blog

It’s hard, isn’t it? You’re so focused on your clients marketing, making sure that they get what they’re paying for, that, well…your marketing falls to the wayside. It’s just hard to find the time. But, don’t worry, finding time just got a whole lot easier. Blogging is key to your Agencies marketing success – if […]

7 months ago

45 Experts Share Their Best SEO Ranking Boosting Techniques

Does this sound familiar? You work like a dog for hours… days… weeks and months… writing blog posts left and right, with little to show for it. You visit other people’s blogs and leave comments, yet traffic is still trickling. You’ve tried almost everything… and your site still looks like a ghost town? Sounds painful. […]

2 years ago

25 Experts Reveal Their SEO Lead to Client Conversion Secrets

What are your steps to turn a fresh SEO lead into a loyal SEO client? It’s a key question we asked these guys. People who live and breathe SEO. Because they either run their own search engine optimization / digital marketing firm or optimize their own web sites for a living. Enjoy the insights and […]

2 years ago

How You Can Cash in on The New #Mobilegeddon!

Google has been recommending webmasters prepare for mobile for years. The number of mobile Internet users has boomed, and Google wants them to have the best experience possible. This is why mobile usability has been a ranking factor for some time. Now… Google is about to take it to the next level. It’s official: Mobilegeddon […]

2 years ago

Most Common HTTP Errors Explained & How to Fix Them

We’ve all seen them; those annoying messages that crop up on screen when we try and bring up a website. But do you know what they mean? We researched the many HTTP error messages in use, and the following is an explanation of each one in simple terms, together with advice on what to do […]

3 years ago