Find Hundreds of Local Citation Opportunities With Citation Scanner (For Yourself, Your Clients & Your Prospects!)

The wait is over… Our local citation tool is live! We’re super excited about this new tool, and hope you are too. We called it: ‘Citation Scanner‘. Several of our programmers worked on this project full-time for almost 3 months, so make sure you check it out… It’s located under the ‘Client Acquisition’ menu inside… Plugin 2.0 is LIVE!

Today we are proud to announce the release of Plugin 2.0! We are super excited about the new features, so should you! Here is what you should know about this new version… Auto Update Settings The Plugin can now automatically update WordPress, as well as your plugins and themes. All you need to… New Features – Nov 2014

Backlinks Metrics See this as a way to quickly check a site’s backlinks: ‘Site Explorer’ now not only allows you to explore the ‘Site Metrics’ of a domain but also its ‘Backlinks Metrics’. You can indeed now choose between ‘Site Metrics’, ‘Backlinks Metrics’ or ‘All Metrics’. If you select ‘Backlinks Metrics’, ‘Site Explorer’ will list…